SENSIB Thai Massage, Meditation, Stretching

Thai Massage Meditation Stretching

Meditation Zurich. Classes in Vipassana Meditation. SENSIB Thai Massage Zürich, near Oerlikon, Stettbach, Seebach, Affoltern, City, The Circle, Airport.
Thai Tok Sen tap massage therapy. Help with back pain, headache, migraine, pain in hip, knee.
Thai Massage for ladies in Zurich. Professional, empathic, sensitive and original thai. SENSIB Thai Massage Zürich (City, Oerlikon, Flughafen, The Circle)
Thai massage is balancing and providing energy. SENSIB Thai Massage Zürich, near Oerlikon, Dübendorf, Dietlikon, Bassersdorf, Kloten, Airport, The Circle.
Traditional Nuat Thai Massage. Therapy for health and prevention. SENSIB Thai Massage Zurich (Airport, Hallenstadion, Oerlikon, Rumlang, Opfikon)

Holiday: We will be back on 8th of March

Details to the Corona Measures

As of April 1, 2022 the FOPH has quit all Covid measurements.


The studio retains still to apply the proven safety concept. To limit the transmission of infection, we ask you to wear a surgical/hygiene mask during treatments close to the body.


We ask the participants still to wear a surgical/hygienic mask during training close to the body.