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Detox your mind. Vipassana meditation classes and courses at Sensib Thai Massage Zürich Glattpark, Oerlikon, Kloten, Seebach, Flughafen

Closed for advanced training and holidays until 6th of August.

Vipassana Meditation Classes

Read here what Vipassana is.

Guided Vipassana Meditation

Every Monday evening, 18:00 – 19:00

  • Intro
  • 15 min. guided walking meditation
  • 15 min. guided sitting meditation
  • Conclusion

This class has its focus on doing practice and will be suitable for beginners without prior knowledge as well as for intermediates. We are following the style which is widely practiced throughout Thailand and we will practice on the basis of learning by doing.
Small group up to 8 students. Booking in advance is required.

11. June to 2. July 2018

Mondays, 18:00 – 19:00

4 lessons of 60 min.

CHF 100.00

Bilingual German / English

Class VIP-18061 Book online …

Vipassana practice session at lunch time

Every Tuesday noon from 12:00 to 12:45

  • Short intro
  • 15 min. walking meditation
  • 15 min. sitting meditation
  • Short conclusion

Doing practice in a group you will increase and precise your Vipassana practice. Your will power and the intensity of concentration will be strengthen. Enjoy this weekly session over lunch time with like-minded people. You should already have basic knowledge of Vipassana, e. g. from our guided evening courses or from our Kick-Start Vipassana.
Small group up to 8 students. Booking in advance is required.

12. June to 3. July 2018

Tuesdays, 12:00 – 12:45

4 lessons of 45 min.

CHF 80.00

Bilingual German / English

Class VIP-18062 Book online …

General information

  • Read here about Vipassana
  • Arrive early to have time for preparing.
  • Wear clothing which is not too tight while sitting.
  • Bring your own sitting mat if you like. Otherwise we are providing mats, pillows and chairs in the studio.
  • Single lessons will not be refunded if you should miss one. Vipassana and your practice is living from the routine. Allow yourself to do these sessions and hold onto the schedule.
  • If you have questions please contact me at the coordinates below.
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