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Detox your mind. Vipassana meditation classes and courses at Sensib Thai Massage Zürich, Oerlikon, Kloten, Seebach, Flughafen
Learn in our course and classes the effective Vipassana walking meditation. Sensib Thai Massage, Zurich - Oerlikon, Wallisellen, Kloten, Seebach, Affoltern
Mindfullness from meditation. Vipassana classes for beginner and intermediate. Sensib Thai Massage, Zürich
Vipassana meditation helps with stress, burnout, insomnia. Classes at Sensib Thai Massage, Zurich
Wellness for your mind. Reduce stress, find your own agan. Vipassana Meditation at Sensib Thai Massage, Zürich (Oerlikon, Wallisellen, Kloten, Flughafen)

Vipassana Meditation Introduction

Vipassana Meditation is the oldest and purest insight meditation technique. It teaches you to see the things as they really are. Detatched from judgements, concepts and meanings we developed by ourself or had adopted from others. Vipassana takes you into the Now and teaches you, to eperience the past as memories and the future as thoughts. It will free you from toxic attachments.

Vipassana is a fully conscious state of meditation. It is an integral part of the daily routine for most people in Thailand and in the surrounding countries. Nuat Thai massage therapists practice Vipassana before and after work, bringing the body and the mind into the present and increasing the level of concentration to the work.

The benefits of practicing Vipassana Meditation:

  • You will be more relaxed and free of stress in your daily routine
  • You will be able to focus better on your work (the present)
  • You will be able to stay on top of things
  • You will find solutions instead of having to solve problems
  • You will be more open in thinking, act more calm and be more attractive to others
  • etc.

Dealing with yourself, with your fellow human beings and with your problematic issues harmonizes. Your quality of life, but also your ability to concentrate at work and in sport will increase.

My one-to-one coaching and the introduction classes are aimed at people who have no experience in Vipassana, who are looking for an easy and guided start to this form of meditation. Aim is that you will be able to practice on your own afterwards and let you enter a peaceful, stressfree and balanced life.


Small groupsCHF 35/lesson

One-to-one coaching per 60 min. CHF 130

We accept cash only.

Vipassana Meditation

This form of ‘insightful’ meditation is practiced throughout southeast Asia and is also called ‘mindfulness’ meditation. It dates back to over 2,500 years ago and assisted Buddha on his road to enlightenment.

Although Vipassana is mainly practiced in Buddhist countries, it is not limited to Buddhism and actually follows no specific faith. It is suitable for people of all cultural and religious backgrounds.