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Christian Bäumle

Christian, Thai Massage TherapistI love to move. As a boy I was always playing outside, conquering the world. As a teenager I was part of the Swiss national rowing team and was a three-time junior champion. I went on later to coach Jugend & Sport (J&S, Youth & Sport).

I had professional training as a carpenter, and also as a technical merchant. My professional career has evolved in many industries including textile retail, press and media, image processing, photography and media design. Since 1998, I have been running my own design agency and in 2005 I opened a concept store in Zurich.

My first trip to Thailand was over 20 years ago and I knew even then it would certainly not be my last trip. I was fascinated by the country, its people and culture, which led me on to study Vipassana Meditation and Traditional Thai Massage. I was fortunate to study at the celebrated ‘Wat Po Thai Traditional Massage School’ in Bangkok. Advanced trainings at several schools and with individual teachers in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, are completing my know-how in beneficial techniques from the Lanna culture.

Until today I am returning to Thailand every year for advanced trainings, exchange with my teachers and voluntary services.

I want to thank all of my teachers for their invaluable work at the school.

Professional Trainings and Certificates

Wat Po Certificate Nuat Thai Massage

Wat Po, Bangkok: Traditional Nuat Thai Massage

Wat Po Certificate Oil Massage and Aromatherapy Massage

Wat Po, Bangkok: Oil Massage and Aromatherapy Massage

Wat Po Certificate Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy

Wat Po, Bangkok: Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy

Wat Po Certificate Ruesi Dat-Ton Thai Stretching

Wat Po, Bangkok: Ruesi Dat Ton Ascetic Self Stretching

Certificate Thai Tok Sen Therapy

Omsala, Chiang Mai: Thai Traditional Tok Sen Therapy

Certificate Thai Oil Massage Lanna Style

Loi Kroh, Chiang Mai: Thai Oil Massage Lanna Style

Certificate Thai Tok Sen Advanced

Loi Kroh, Chiang Mai: Thai Tok Sen Advanced

The Name Sensib

Sensib (เส้นสิบ) is Thai. Literally, ‘sen’ means line, and ‘sib’ is the number ten. ‘Sen sib’ describes the concept of the ten most important energy lines that pass through the body in Traditional Thai Massage.

I chose the term ‘Sensib’, because it represents the foundation of Thai massage and health is the foundation of my work.

The Lotus

In many parts of Asia, the lotus plant’s ability to repell dirt has created a symbol of purity, devotion, creativity and enlightenment. In Buddhism, the lotus is one of the eight treasures and is a symbol of unfolding time, including it’s phases of producing fruit, flowers and stems, and for the effects of the teachings of Buddha. Even though the roots are in mud, the lotus blossom is on the surface.