SENSIB Thai Massage, Meditation, Stretching

Thai Massage Meditation Stretching

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ruesi Dat Ton – Thai Stretching

  • Work out muscular tension
  • Strengthen the joints, muscles and sense of balance
  • Improve and maintain flexibility and agility

Ruesi Dat Ton, also known as Thai yoga, includes 18 positions that are performed either sitting or standing. Some of the positions are found in traditional Thai dance and I can see a bit of similarity to Chinese Tai Chi.

The 18 positions are easy to learn and are well suited for a 30-minute daily routine of light weight training and stretching. While one muscle or tendon is stretched, another area will become simultaneously strengthened. The exercises can be performed well up into old age. The whole process has a meditative character, which also improves your concentration.

Historical background

Ruesi Dat Ton was probably developed by Ruesi ascetics as a self-healing therapy. Ascetics are monk-like individuals who are in quiet pursuit of ancient knowledge, often practicing strict self-denial as a measure of personal and spiritual discipline. The exercises may have also been developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand to loosen up after long periods of meditation and to enhance the overall fitness.
What is certain is that in 1772, the Thai King Rama I ordered to gather the knowledge and practices and to document them. Today, from the original 80 positions, 18 of these are taught. Corresponding portraits and statues have been preserved in the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok and are on display there.


Classes in small groups of 3 to 5 participants on request.