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Thai Massage Meditation Stretching

Flexibility in hip, pelvis, pelvic floor, leg: Therapeutic stretching in Zurich at Sensib Thai Studio.
Therapy with stretching. Keep fitness and flexibility.Coaching in Zurich, near Flughafen, Kloten.
Back pain, pain in hip, tension in muscle: Stretching therapy and coaching by Sensib Thai Massage in Zurich.
Chronic pain from short muscles. Stretching therapy in Zurich at Sensib Thai Massag. Near Seebach, Affoltern, Oerlikon, City, Flughafen, Circle.
Stretching for flexibility and mobility in Zurich, near Oerlikon, Wallisellen, Dubendorf, Airport.

10 Minute Stretching Program

Feel comfortable, relaxed and flexible.

In daily life, most of us move about either too little or in the same repetitive manner. Lots of mental work and stress can put a burden on our abdominal and lower back muscles which, over time, may lead to stiffness, poor posture and chronic pain and ailments.

With 10 Minute Stretching, I aim to get the most out of stretching exercises – in just ten minutes, each and every day.

In individual sessions or in small groups, I will explain your basic problem areas. Together we will put together and practice a stretching regime tailored just for you. Then you will be able to do ten minutes of stretching every day, working on your problem zones. In no time you will feel the difference and will enjoy seeing and feeling the positive effects of a healthy, relaxed body.


Classes in small groups of 3 to 5 participants on request.


One-to-one coaching per 60 minutesCHF 120

Small groups, 90 minutesCHF 80/pers.

We accept cash only.