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Thai Massage Meditation Stretching

Chronic pain or acute pain. Thai Massage Zurich at SENSIB (Airport, The Circle, Glattbrugg, Boulevard Lilienthal, Oerlikon).
Chronic back pain, acute back pain. Best alternative to physiotherapy. SENSIB Thai Massage Zurich Oerlikon, Glattpark, Glattbrugg.
Fitness and health for body and mind. Nuat Thai Massage at SENSIB Thai Massage Zurich (Affoltern, Seebach, Oerlikon)
Chronic tension in the back. Get help from traditional Nuat Thai Massage at SENSIB Thai Massage Zürich
Traditional Nuat Thai Massage Zurich at SENSIB, next to Oerlikon, Glattbrugg, Opfikon, Wallisellen, Rümlang, Lilienthal.

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Thai Massage Classes

The ancient art of Thai Massage, called Nuat Thai, is a sophisticated and highly effective massage technique which differs much from the western massages. Nuat Thai is a health therapy and is following its concept of the Sen (energy lines). Acupressure with hands and feet as well several stretchings are applied gently and mindful to the comfortable dressed client.

The Nuat Thai Massage is effective both to the energy body and the physical body. Therefore it is not only world famous and unique but also on the list of the UNESCO world heritage.

Learn this fantastic technique of Nuat Thai full body massage in its original royal style of Wat Pho, Bangkok by a professional training at SENSIB Thai Massage Zurich. The training includes 4 days and is splitted into single parts, the starting class and this advanced training class.

Classes will be held in swiss german / german language only. Some explanations can be given in english language easily as this is mainly a learning-by-doing matter. At this time our rich illustrated SENSIB instruction manual is only available in german language.

SENSIB Nuat Thai Massage 2

In this two-days class you will enhance your technique and learn the side position and further advanced treament positions. After this class you will be able to give a 90 to 120 minute Nuat Thai Massage professionally. You will be teached by Christian.

This class requires the Nuad Thai Massage 1 or an appropriate qualification from other places.

  • 2-days class, 09:30 to 17:00
  • Enhancing your technique from class 1
  • Corrections, tips & tricks
  • Best working technique
  • Step by step learning the 18 positions in side position
  • Learning additional 8 positions and variations
  • Rich illustrated SENSIB instruction manual
  • SENSIB certificate

12. – 13. September 2020

Nuat Thai Massage 2

09:30 – 17:00

CHF 380.00

NTM-20092Book online …

Further Information

  • Take comfortable, stretchable and inconspicuous clothing with you
  • We are working barefooted or in socks
  • We practice each other in a very practice-oriented manner and alternate with each other
  • Small group of 2 – 6 students
  • We do a lunch break of 60 – 90 min.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact me over the regular channels.