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Information about our Hygiene policy

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In the studio the following policies will be applied in addition to our regular hygiene standards:

  • therapist wears a hygiene mask
  • if desired, a hygiene mask is given to the client
  • hand desinfection before, while and after a treatment
  • desinfection of the surfaces after each treatment
  • extensive break times for cleaning between appointments
  • no treatment on clients who show specific symptoms
  • Recording of contact data (confidential)

The concept regarding Covid-19 safety policies in fully is available in the studio.

Regular Hygiene Standards

Even without a virus epidemic, it goes without saying that high hygiene is used without exception:

  • fresh towels for every client
  • color towels for underlay and clothes washed at 60°
  • white towels for the massages and as head underlay washed at 90°
  • hands thoroughly washed before and after a treatment
  • ventilating the room
  • breaks between appointments
  • only work when I'm healthy
  • rejecting clients with critical symptoms