SENSIB Thai Massage, Meditation, Stretching

Thai Massage Meditation Stretching

Information about our Hygiene policy

We consider it a matter of course that the highest hygiene is applied in our studio without exception.

  • fresh towels for every client
  • colored laundry washed at 60 °
  • white laundry (e.g. head/face towel) washed at 90 °
  • hands thououghly washed before and after a treatment
  • ventilating the room
  • breaks between appointments
  • not working during illness
  • rejecting clients with critical symtoms

The fully hygiene concept is available in the studio.

Extended Hygiene Standards

Even without a virus epidemic, extended hygiene measures may be usefull.

Clients with a special need for protection are requested to notify us accordingliy.