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Students Feedback

Some feeback from our students. Machine translated from German. The names are anonymized. We are happy to provide references upon request.

«Thank you for the great training. My family is addicted to Tok Sen. I don't get to do it as often as they would like!»   June 2023, Vipassana Meditation

Tala, Bern

«The course was very professional. I am sure that every body therapist, no matter how much experience they have, can learn a lot from it. Your humour also contributed a lot to the relaxed and concentrated work.»   May 2022, Nuad Thai Massage 1

Beno, Zürich

«It was a great pleasure to exchange with you and the course participants. You have a talent for bringing together great and motivated people.»   March 2023, Nuad Thai Massage 2

Manuela, Zürich

«I had a very good experience with you and your course. Now I am really looking forward to the next course and I am sure that I will learn a lot again this weekend. »   May 2022, Nuad Thai Massage 1

Natphichaya, Zürich

«The course appealed to me very much and I have already been allowed to try it out on people I know several times.»   January 2021, Nuad Thai Massage 1

Tina, Zürich

«A great experience. As a Thai, I should have done a course like this a long time ago. I am happy that I came across you.»   October 2021, Nuad Thai Massage 1

Denise, Zürich

«A big thank you for this splendid introduction and acquaintance with Tok Sen technique and philosophy. I enjoyed it very much.»   May 2023, Vipassana Meditation

Piero, Zürich

«I had a very good experience with you and your course.»   June 2022, Nuad Thai Massage 2

Natphichaya, Zürich

«It was a great training and I learned a lot of new things that I will now implement.»   June 2021, Nuad Thai Massage 2

Elea, Zürich

«I really enjoyed doing the courses with you because I really like the way you teach.»   April 2021, Nuad Thai Massage 2

Jala, Zürich

«Thank you very much for the great course, the motivation and the beautiful souvenir photos.»   June 2021, Nuad Thai Massage 1

Martina, Thurgau

«Your course was sensational, inspiring and your treatment was one of the best I received. That is saying something, as I have been involved with body therapies since 1988 and have received many treatments in training and self-processes from different directions and styles. I am really enthusiastic about the Nuad Thai massage and I am aiming to deepen this.»   June 2022, Nuad Thai Massage 2

Beno, Zürich

«Thank you very much again for the great 4 days. I was able to learn and take with me a lot of valuable things, not only the practice of Nuad Thai, but also excellent inputs on pricing, practice management, ethical entrepreneurship etc.»   June 2021, Nuad Thai Massage 2

Daniela, Zürich

«You have immense experience, which you pass on faithfully. Because the class is kept small, you can respond to each student, see and correct everything. You impart your knowledge in a very easy to understand and comprehensible way. The room is extremely homely, one feels immediately at ease. You easily create a great atmosphere in the class, also with the lunches that you organise. The exchange in the classes (basic course and course 2) is very valuable. You can put your new knowledge into practice right away. In short: If Nuad Thai, then with SENSIB. Highly recommended!»   July 2022, Nuad Thai Massage 2

Marina, Schwyz

«Thank you so much for your training and your professionalism. It was a very rich weekend and we were a great group.»   March 2023, Nuad Thai Massage 2

Eleonora, Bern

«Thank you for the great days. I didn't think it was possible to learn this so well in these two days. I really appreciated the small class. I have already been able to give six massages and it is really starting to flow nicely. It's so much fun to integrate this into my work now.»   June 2022, Nuad Thai Massage 1

Linda, Aargau

«I found the course very well organised, conducted and supported with professional documentation. This is what makes training and further education fun. I can warmly recommend this course to others.»   May 2022, Nuad Thai Massage 2

Bernhard, Luzern

«I found the course really superb and am very much looking forward to the second part.»   June 2022, Nuad Thai Massage 1

Marina, Schwyz

«It was just great. You are a great teacher from whom one can learn a lot. I will gladly come to the second course.»   December 2021, Nuad Thai Massage 1

Tamani, Thurgau

«I really enjoyed the course and it was very inspiring. I have already been able to apply some of it with my clients this week.»   April 2022, Nuad Thai Massage 1

Timo, Thurgau

«I was very pleased to be able to take part in your course. It was great fun.»   December 2020, Nuad Thai Massage 1

Jala, Zürich

«Thank you again for your great course. You are a professional and live your dream. Your courses are of the highest quality and I will gladly recommend you to others.»   June 2022, Nuad Thai Massage 2

Marina, Schwyz

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All trainings are conducted in efficient and comfortable small groups. Professional and practical teaching by Christian.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact me.

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