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Thai Massage Meditation Stretching

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Frequently asked questions


When should I arrive?

Please arrive five minutes before your appointment. Be sure to plan enough time for getting here, so you don’t arrive stressed out and are able to fully enjoy your massage.

How may I pay?

I accept cash payments only.

I have to cancel an appointment. What does that mean for me?

That’s no problem, as long as you cancel the day before your appointment. I would not be able to book a replacement in such short notice, so please be considerate.

I am running late.

Please give me a call to let me know that you cannot arrive on time.

Traditional Nuat Thai Massage

What should I bring with me when I am going to have a massage?

If possible, bring along a comfortable t-shirt and sweatpants, leggings or Thai fisherman’s trousers. They should be big enough so you can easily move around in them. Otherwise, we’ll be happy to lend you something.

May I choose the strength of the massage?

Yes and no. Since Nuat Thai is not done with power but with body weight, the actual pressure depends on the physique of the therapist (body size, weight, size of hands). If the general strength of the massage causes pain, please tell me. The same is true about specific pressure points. Some days you may be more sensitive and the massage may vary from one appointment to the next.

I have to use the restroom during the massage …

Of course, just let me know. There is nothing more tense than having a full bladder.

I’m on the verge of getting sick. Should I have a massage?

If you think you are catching a cold or the flu, and you catch it early enough, a Nuat Thai Massage can work wonders. Your power of self-healing will be activated and you may be able to ward off becoming sick. However, a massage can also speed up the oncoming illness, and you might have to get right into bed afterwards. But thanks to the massage, and with some sleep and fluids, you will be up and on your feet in no time.

I have achy muscles the day after my massage. Is that normal?

This is very common, just be sure it’s a subtile ache and that it feels healthy. If you have Nuat Thai Massages on a regular basis, the side effects diminish with time.

How often do you recommend that I have a Nuat Thai?

Once a week or every other week helps keep you fit and strengthens your self-healing abilities and immune system. If you have urgent problems, you can have a massage anytime.

Does my health insurance cover the costs?

No. In Switzerland, Nuat Thai is not covered by basic healthcare plans (Grundversicherung) nor by major complementary coverage (Zusatzversicherung). The idea of having periodical Nuat Thai Massage is not to get healthy, but rather to promote staying healthy and prevent getting sick.

Thai Oil and Aromatherapy Massage

What should I bring with me?

Nothing, except the anticipation of a refreshing, relaxing hour of doing absolutely nothing.

Will I be completely naked during the massage?

You will strip down to your underpants and will be given a large bath towel to keep you covered and warm. You will be always covered with another towel when one area of the body is not being massaged. Intime areas always remain private, will be respected and will not be massaged.

Am I going to be covered in oil at the end of the massage?

All remaining oil will be blotted up with a towel, so afterwards you can put on your clothes without any worries. If you wish, you may use the communal shower on the same floor as our studio.

Do I smell like aromatherapy oil after my massage?

When we use aromatherapy oil, the pleasant smell lingers for a few hours. If you have a business meeting right after your massage, we can use coconut oil which has almost no smell, or pure jojoba oil (in wax form) which is odorless.

Traditional Thai Herbal Compress Massage

How hot is the herbal compress?

The herbal compress is hygenically steamed for 15 minutes. If it feels too hot for you, please let me know. Each individual feels the warmth of the compress differently.

May I shower after the massage?

The essential oils continue to seep into your skin and you can feel their effects even 3 hours after your massage. If you wash the oil off, you ruin the fabulous after-effects.

What is the best time for a massage?

This is a very pleasant and relaxing massage with after-effects from the essential oil, so it is best if you can lay down afterwards. I recommend to choose a time so that you may go home afterwards and just do nothing.

Thai Medical Massage

 What exactly happens during this treatment?

Before the procedure begins, we will sit down and discuss any problem zones. I will make a few tests to see how flexible you are and to pinpoint the source pain and find out which muscles or nerves are involved. The massage will be then individually customized to fit your needs.

How strong is the pressure during the Thai Medical Massage?

The pressure can be very strong, but it is possible to vary the strength. The goal is to go right up to your limit of “positive, healing pain”. That limit is usually a burning sensation which feels like pain, but you get the impression that it is doing you good.

May I choose the strength of the massage?

You may choose and you should choose. I will explain how you should direct me, so that the pressure is within the tolerable range of “positive, healing pain”.

I would prefer to have a massage than visit my doctor.

Thank you, but that is not the idea of massage. When I have the feeling you should be going to the doctor or when all of my possibilities are depleted, I’ll tell you and will not continue to treat you.

I pulled a ligament. Can a massage help me?

If the area is swollen and/or is very hot, you should not be massaged. But at a later point, to regenerate the ligament, Thai Medical Massage is most suitable. Circulation will be stimulated, the connective fibers and structural proteins will become activated and blocked lymph (fluids) will be purged.