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Thai Massage Meditation Stretching

Healty Thai Massage: Pampering and relaxing your tired body. SENSIB Thai Massage Zurich
Thai Tok Sen tap massage therapy. Help with back pain, headache, migraine, pain in hip, knee.
Traditional Nuat Thai Massage. Therapy for health and prevention. SENSIB Thai Massage Zurich (Airport, Hallenstadion, Oerlikon, Rumlang, Opfikon)
Thai massage is balancing and providing energy. SENSIB Thai Massage Zürich, near Oerlikon, Dübendorf, Dietlikon, Bassersdorf, Kloten, Airport, The Circle.
Traditional Thai Massage helps with tension and pain. SENSIB Thai Massage Zurich (Glattpark

How to find the convenient Thai Massage in Zurich

Are you new in the Zurich area or are you looking for the first time for a Thai Massage in Zurich? Follow these tips for a successfully and relaxing stay in Zurich.

Searching for Thai Massage in Zurich, you will find uncountable studios. Maybe you ask yourself how do they differ from each other and which studio will fit my needs at best.

Thai Massage is not always the same. In Zurich, as well as all around the world and not at least in Thailand too. There are different styles and techniques existing, based from the several regions in Thailand. In Zurich there is a good chance that you will make experience with all the different Thai Massage techniques.

Various Styles

The traditional Thai Massage varies mainly in the northern style and the royal style. Later which is practiced in the central part of Thailand including Bangkok. While the roots, the philosophy and the basic technique are identically, these styles made different developing paths through the decades. It is a question of the school and origin which therapist works on which style. In Zurich you will find both and also some freestyle mixes. Given that your first Thai Massage in Zurich is not satisfying you, there will be a good chance to find what you′re looking for at another place.

Various Techniques

In addition to the classic and traditional Nuat Thai Massage there are other techniques like the Thai Oil Massage, the Thai Medical Massage and the Thai Tok Sen Massage. The traditional thai medicine school is asking the students to find and develop their own style, based on the professional skills they earned at study. Ergo you will find completly different Massages in Zurich. Always in focus should be the client needs. It is always recommended to ask the therapist in advance about his or her style and techniques. Or you tell what you are looking for. Professional therapists are used to make recommendations about a helpful treatment and they are able to help you with several discomforts.


In Zurich too a professional traditional Nuat Thai Massage will be held on a flat mat on the ground. In addition to a perfected technique, empathy, «good hands» and serious practice there is nothing more you need for a relaxing and sustainable Thai Massage treatment. It is either in Thailand, nor in Zurich important and meaningful that the studio itself has to be in a 5 star level environment. Expensive locations or impressive interior tells nothing about the treatment quality or the professionality of the therapist. In Thailand the best places are often the very simple looking ones. Not at least therefore because at such places their work is what they sell, not the impressive interior. Sure have an eye to neatness, hygienic standard and personality of the therapist.


SENSIB, my comfy studio is ideally located in the Zurich area Aussersihl, between the tram stations Zurich Albisriederplatz and Zurich Letzigrund. With the train stations Zurich HB, Zurich Hardbrücke, Zurich Wiedikon and Zurich Altstetten it is also easily to reach from outside by public transport and by car.

The big room on the ground level of a business building is decorated only with the nessecary furniture. This makes you relax and is de-stressing by its own. As you can see on this website I′m offering various styles and techniques. Trained in Bangkok as well as in the northern Chiang Mai City I′m practice the various styles addressed above since early 2015. In the Thai Medical Massage treatment I will work with a mix of all these styles and techniques – fully to provide you a successfully experience.

I welcome you at SENSIB. For advise and information please contact me.

Thai Words

Nuat means Massage.
Sen means Energy Line.
Sib means the number 10.
Sen Sib (เส้นสิบ) describes the concept of the ten engery lines defined by the Traditional Thai Medicine TTM.