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Nuad Thai Training Day

This SENSIB Nuad Thai training day offers you the opportunity to refine your technique and exchange ideas with like-minded people. Christian will provide technical corrections where necessary and give you valuable tips on everyday practice and client care.

The focus is on

  • Correction of your own posture
  • Precision in the execution of the technique
  • Tips and tricks for efficient application
  • Refreshing the importance of the sen and the wind element
  • Dealing with immobile or otherwise restricted clients
  • Answering individual questions

The course is held in Swiss German or High German. Individual explanations in English can be given without any problems.

Prerequisites are completion of the SENSIB Nuad Thai 2 course and basic current practice in the application. Interested parties with training from other schools on request and prior verification.

Small group max. 6 participants. Including SENSIB training certificate, snacks and tea. You will be taught by  Christian.

  • 1 course day, 6 hours – 9:30 to 17:00 (including lunch break)

This course includes

  • SENSIB training certificate (approved for EMR/ASCA training)


7. September 2024

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09:30 – 17:00 Uhr

CHF 150.00

NTT-409108Online buchen …

 Anmeldeschluss 28.08.2024

Information on the Courses

  • Bring your own manuals
  • Bring comfortable, stretchy and inconspicuous clothing
  • We work barefoot or in socks
  • We practice on each other in a very practice-oriented way and alternate with each other

If you have any questions, please contact me via my general coordinates.

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