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Thai Toksen Massage bzw. Thai Tok Sen Massage near Zurich Oerlikon.
Chronic or acute pain therapy with Thai Tok Sen Massage in Zurich.
Thai Tok Sen Tap Massage helps with acute and chronic pain and tension.
Tap Massage like Thai Tok Sen at Sensib Thai Massage Zurich. Region Airport, Rumlang.
Alternative to Physiotherapy: Thai Tok Sen Massage is effective and gently. Sensib Thai Massage in Zurich, Kloten, Opfikon, Flughafen.

Tok Sen – Thai ancient tap Massage

  • Strengthens your ability to heal and invigorates your immune system.
  • Loosens tightened muscles and cramps.
  • Brings you back into balance, centers the body, mind and spirit.

Tok Sen is an ancient traditional massage technique from the northern part of Thailand, the region of the Golden Triangle. Tok Sen is very effective and relaxing. The massage is given on a Thai-style mat on the floor. The ancient tools are a hammer and a stick made from tamarind wood.

Although at first sight it looks pretty exotic, Tok Sen is very effective and relaxing. This massage follows the same philosophy of the Sen Sib, the energy lines throughout your body, like the traditional Nuat Thai massage. The tapping of the hammer onto the wooden stick releases deep vibrations into your fascial (connective) tissue and your energy lines and points. Imagine these vibrations and waves doing the massage from the inside of your body, which is made up of about 70 percent water. The sound from the hammering helps bring you into a mindful state, helping you to concentrate on the sound and movement, like a body scan. This is – like the training of Vipassana Meditation – very healthy to your body and mind and will release mental stress.

Tok Sen is always carried out by highly-skilled hands and a well-trained professional. It is a subtle massage, is absolutely safe and can help you at the following problems

  • Back pain
  • Tightened muscles and cramps
  • Nervousness, unrest and insomnia
  • Stress, overwork, symptoms of burnout
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Weak immune system
  • Mood swings
  • Menstrual cramps
  • and much more


Tok Sen Massage

30 minutesCHF 80

45 minutesCHF 100

60 minutesCHF 130

(We accept cash only.)

SENSIB Customer Card

SENSIB persönliche Kundenkarte mit 10 Prozent Rabatt auf Massagen.Take advantage of our personal customer card and receive a 10% discount on massages. Pay four hours at the standard rate and receive the fifth hour for half-price.

Please note

The various parts of the Traditional Thai Medicine TTM like the art of traditional Thai massage are complementary, holistic methods. They should not replace a visit to your family doctor for obvious health disorders.