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Relieve from chronic pain: Thai Medical Massage therapy near Zurich, Oerlikon, Wallisellen, Kloten.
Medical Massage in Zurich. Sensib Thai Massage in Zurich.
Tense neck, tension in the shoulder: Thai Medical Massage near Oerlikon, Rumlang, Wallisellen.
Thai Medical Massage in Zurich helps with pain and tension, chronically or acute. Near Oerlikon, Airport, Kloten, Bulach, Opfikon.
Pain in shoulder, pain in neck, back pain and pain in the hip: Thai Medical Massage near Zurich, Bulach, Dubendorf.

Thai Medical Massage

  • Alleviates acute health discomforts
  • Intensive localized treatment

Traditional Thai Medical Massage concentrates on acute health discomforts and helps alleviate pain. The massage follows the energy lines of the body and is primarily an intensive pressure point massage. As needed, Traditional Thai Medicine oils and salves can be applied for further benefits.

The massage is adapted to your personal needs and wishes. Traditionally, the massage is done with you either sitting or laying down on a large mat on the floor. You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

The following discomforts may be effectively alleviated with Thai Medical Massage:

  • Severe headaches and migranes
  • Office and smartphone syndrome
  • Neck and shoulder pain (tension in shoulders)
  • Upper back pain and tension
  • Lower back pain (typical backache)
  • Pain in the hips and upper thigh area
  • Knee pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Regeneration following sprains and pulled ligaments (typical sport injuries)


Thai Medical Massage

30 minutes CHF 80

45 minutes CHF 100

60 minutes CHF 130

We accept cash only.

SENSIB Customer Card 

SENSIB persönliche Kundenkarte mit 10 Prozent Rabatt auf Massagen.Take advantage of our personal customer card and receive a 10% discount on massages. Pay four hours at the standard rate and receive the fifth hour for half-price.

Please note

The various parts of the Traditional Thai Medicine TTM like the art of traditional Thai massage are complementary, holistic methods. They should not replace a visit to your family doctor for obvious health disorders.