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Thai Massage Meditation Stretching

Learn in our course and classes the effective Vipassana walking meditation. Sensib Thai Massage, Zurich Glattpark - Oerlikon, Wallisellen, Kloten, Seebach, Affoltern
Vipassana meditation helps with stress, burnout, insomnia. Classes at Sensib Thai Massage, Zurich Glattpark Lilienthal
Detox your mind. Vipassana meditation classes and courses at Sensib Thai Massage Zürich Glattpark, Oerlikon, Kloten, Seebach, Flughafen
Wellness for your mind. Reduce stress, find your own agan. Vipassana Meditation at Sensib Thai Massage, Zürich Glattpark (Oerlikon, Wallisellen, Kloten, Flughafen)
Insight meditation increases concentration, brain power and balance. Meditation class in Zurich at Sensib Thai Massage

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Timed silcence audio

Start and finish your meditation with a gong. These files are in exact time length but contain only silence, except the gong to the beginning and at the end. They let you do your session in fully concentration without caring the time.

Downloads are available in AAC and MP3 format and in single and double length.

Which Format?

AAC files are the home of Apple‘s ecosystem. Simply drag into iTunes and play it on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

MP3 files have bigger file size but are good for any other player.

How to save?

For saving directly to your local disc use the right click and save procedure in your browser.