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Chronic back pain, acute back pain. Best alternative to physiotherapy. SENSIB Thai Massage Zurich Oerlikon.
Chronic tension in the back. Get help from traditional Nuat Thai Massage at SENSIB Thai Massage Zürich
Fitness and health for body and mind. Nuat Thai Massage at SENSIB Thai Massage Zurich (Affoltern, Seebach, Oerlikon)
Thai Yoga Massage, Nuad Thai Massage. Holistich therapy for health. Near Oerlikon, Zurich Airport.
Acupressure Thai Massage Zurich. Therapy and health prevention near Oerlikon, Zurich, Seebach, Wallisellen.

Nuad Thai becomes UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

In December 2019, the art of traditional Thai Massage, called Nuad Thai, was added to the list of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

I feel very happy about this, because this ancient art of healing is given the recognition it deserves. It is thanks to my teachers in Thailand that I too was able to learn this healing art from them comprehensively and with dedication.

However, the inclusion of the Nuad Thai in the UNESCO inventory also means that this important pillar of traditional Thai healing arts and science is considered to be threatened in tis continued existence. With the inclusion to the UNESCO list, the preservation of the old art of traditional Thai Massage is to be ensured for future generations.

Energielinien und Akupressurpunkte in der Thai Massage

Stone plate at Wat Pho, Bangkok
showing the Sen (energy lines)

UNESCO officially

UNESCO report to Nuad Thai

Official UNESCO Video on YouTube