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Thai abdominal massage to relieve from various symptoms and constipation along the whole body
Thai abdominal massage can help with Long-Covid symptoms, weak life energy, pain, shortness of breath and much more

Nuad Thong Thai Abdominal Massage

  • Opens blockages and congestions in the physical and engergetic body
  • Loosens tightened muscles and cramps
  • Balances the four elements according to the Traditional Thai Medicine
  • Strengthens the body's healing energy
  • Strengthens your life energy

The traditional Thai abdominal massage «Nuad Thong» is an essential treatment of the Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM). All «Sen Sib», the main energy lines are starting around the navel. Blockages and congestion on these engery lines will have effect to various symptoms and discomfort around the whole body.

Bei der traditionellen thailändischen Bauchmassage wird mit starkem, bestimmtem aber achtsamem Druck eine Akupressur auf die Startpunkte der Energielinien ausgeführt. Dadurch werden die Energielinien geöffnet, Blockaden und Stauungen gelöst. Der Körper findet wieder zu seinen eigenen Heilkräften zurück, kann Drüsen und Organe entgiften und neu versorgen.

Nuad Thong is an acupressure treatment with strong, precise but mindful pressure to the starting points of the Sen lines. The Sen lines will get opened, activated and will relieve of blockages and congestion all over the body. Glands and organs will detox and get acommodated by new energy. Your body's self healing power will get increased.

In addition to the preventive way of «keeping healthy» by a strong self healing energy, the Nuad Thong abdominal massage can help with the following acute and chronic complaints:


Nuad Thong Thai Bauchmassage

45 Minuten CHF 100


Ideal auch im Anschluss an eine Nuad Thai Massage.

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Thailändische Ausdrücke

Nuad heisst Massage
Thong heisst Bauch
Sen heisst Linie
Sib heisst zehn
Sen Sib (เส้นสิบ) beschreibt das Konzept der zehn Energielinien nach TTM.

Please note

The various parts of the Traditional Thai Medicine TTM like the art of traditional Thai massage are complementary, holistic methods. They should not replace a visit to your family doctor for obvious health disorders.