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Chronic pain from short muscles. Stretching therapy in Zurich at Sensib Thai Massag. Near Seebach, Affoltern, Oerlikon, City, Flughafen, Circle.
Therapy with stretching. Keep fitness and flexibility.Coaching in Zurich, near Flughafen, Kloten.
Stretching for flexibility and mobility in Zurich, near Oerlikon, Wallisellen, Dubendorf, Airport.
Flexibility in hip, pelvis, pelvic floor, leg: Therapeutic stretching in Zurich at Sensib Thai Studio.
Back pain, pain in hip, tension in muscle: Stretching therapy and coaching by Sensib Thai Massage in Zurich.

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Frequently asked questions

10 Minute Stretching Program

Who should partake in this stretching program?

Anyone of any age, who sits too much or spends a lot of time in one particular position, or those who suffer from chronic shortened or asymmetrical muscles and the side effects from these, such as back pain, headaches, joint pain, etc.

I workout regularly, but still don’t feel particularly flexible.

If your exercises contain little or no stretching, some muscles can actually become shortened or get used to being in a contracted position. In this case, daily stretching can be the perfect solution.

I’ve read that stretching is unhealthy and can lead to health problems.

This can be true, if you are doing rigorous athletic stretching. The stretching we do in class involves basic gymnastics and does not put unnecessary stress on the body.

What is the difference between personal training and classes in small groups?

Personal training allows me to focus on you alone. Analysis and advice are individually tuned and exercises are compiled personally for you. You may choose when you want your personal training.
The classes in small groups have predetermined time schedules. I explain the general common problem areas to the group, but do not individually analyze each participant and prepare the exercises together for everyone in the class.

 Ruesi Dat Ton

Why should I practice Ruesi Dat Ton? There are also Yoga, Tai Chi and other forms of training.

Ruesi Dat Ton is a discipline from Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) and is not comparable to Indian yoga or Chinese Tai Chi. For a regular, preferably daily, exercise routine, it is important that you like the general style of training and enjoy doing the exercises. You should be able to do the exercises at home alone, without supervision. Ruesi Dat Ton is ideally suited for this, with 18 easy exercises which are always repeated in the same order. The time required is about 30 minutes.

I am not particularly athletic. Is Ruesi Dat Ton something for me?

It is probably ideal for you. Ruesi Dat Ton is not a sport and you don’t need to have any prior experience. Most likely it is comparible to gymnastics, easy Hatha Yoga or Tai Chi. It is not necessary that you perform the positions perfectly, but you will increase your flexibility, and that is the main aim of practicing Ruesi Dat Ton.

When should I refrain from practicing Ruesi Dat Ton?

If you have osteoarthritis, artificial joints, swelling, an infection or are in a very bad state or out of balance, then it is best to refrain from this class.